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Women Loving Women
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An Education for Men by Women Loving Women, Introduction by, Dr. Patti Britton, Ph. D

History shows us that from the earliest days of ancient civilization to the present, there have always been women who have loved women - romantically, erotically and sexually. The bond between women is mystical and highly refined. It is only natural that for some women, the softness, the passion, the sensual flow and the like-to-like embrace are attractions they are drawn to explore. Men can enhance their lovemaking skills by watching a woman sexually pleasuring another woman. By observing how a woman pleasures a female partner, a man can learn new and highly pleasing ways to kiss, caress, gently touch, and actively seduce a woman to the very core of her sexual being. Watch as our loving Sapphic couples demonstrate an extensive variety of techniques to sexually arouse a woman. Behold the gentle dance of attraction as these Sapphic lovers abandon all to their passion. Each knows precisely what the other wants to reach the heights of ecstasy and orgasm.

This is deffinately a video made for men who are willing to learn. Take the time and pay attention and your woman will thank you for many nights to come.

75 Minutes