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The Pregnant Couple's Guide to Sex, Romance and Intimacy
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Everything You Need to Know to Preserve Your Relationship During and after Pregnancy, by Sandra Margot with Deborah Herman and Tonianne Robino

Keeping intimacy alive during a pregnancy and after the birth of a child can be a major challenge. Renowned sexologist, Sandra Margot believes that maintaining a strong sexual bond will keep your marriage successful and committed – and that forsaking a partner's intimate needs can cause rifts in even the most stable marriage. Sandra Margot has written the first book of its kind – a trimester-by-trimester guide to sustaining emotional and sexual intimacy during this sensitive time. The Pregnant Couple's Guide to Sex is filled with practical advice and suggestions for keeping both partners fulfilled and connected as they prepare for their baby's arrival, and for ensuring that their marriage will be even stronger after parenthood than before.