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Turn Ons: How to Please Your Partner (Complete Set)
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Sex Play and Discovering New Pleasure Zones, by Sinclair Institute

Men and women can be very different when it comes to sexual turn-ons. One thing is for sure - talking about sex, not only dissolves fears and inhibitions, enhances intimacy, and fuels desire, but can also be a huge turn-on!

Taste, touch, sound, and smell – plus a little creativity - is all it takes to uncover hidden erotic resources, and heighten the sexual appetite.

Volume 1:

Sex Play: Top to Bottom – explores a variety of different pleasurable techniques designed to deepen a couple’s level of intimacy. A sure turn-on for both partners!

23 Creative Sexual Positions – to make intimate encounters even more intoxicating. To expand the sexual vocabulary and repertoire, and try a few new moves. Turn on the creativity!

Volume 2:

Discovering New Pleasure Zones - to break out of the old routines, lean exciting new techniques, and expand the repertoire. For couples to ignite their passion and discover erogenous zones they never knew they had!

Creative Role Play: Expanding Your Sexual Boundaries – fantasies allow us to explore, become adventurous and have fun with our lover during creative role-play. To explore the perfect ins and outs of sexual fantasy!

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