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The Joy of Erotic Massage
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The Power of Human Touch

Sinclair Institute

Produced under the guidance of masters in the art of massage and human sexuality. Hosted by sexologist Louise-Andree Saulnier. Loving couples are featured explicitly demonstrating not just basic techniques, but advanced methods of massage that are relaxing, arousing and explosively satisfying. Viewers will learn how to sensually stimulate their partner's most sensitive body parts from head to toe.

The Joy of Erotic Massage teaches you how to use the power of human touch to excite and satisfy your partner. The video is both instructional and erotic. You'll see how to explore and rediscover your partner's body, increase their pleasure, and achieve greater intimacy.

60 minutes 

MEDIA AWARD WINNER... National Council on Family Relations

NY FESTIVALS AWARD... Int'l Competition of TV, Film & Video Communication