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The Art of Making Love Last
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Increasing Intimacy & Desire plus 8 Steps to Better Communication, by Sinclair Institute (Two Disc Set)

Learn to strengthen your relationship and achieve deeply satisfying intimacy with your partner. Effective communication within a marriage about the desire and needs of sexual satisfaction for both men and women can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Hosted by Dr.Zonnya, Ph.D., a minister and clinical psychologist, and sexuality experts Dr. Linda Banner, Ph.D. and Dr. Marty Klein, this program shows couples how to achieve effective sexual communication which is an integral part of creating a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Learn valuable techniques to recognize roadblocks in your marriage and how to rekindle romance and discover deeply satisfying intimacy. Experts and real couples share tips, advise and practical exercises to help you achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling love life – and most importantly – a deeper connection with the one you love. By viewing this program with your spouse or partner you will be surprised at how easy it is to discover the enduring intimacy and connectiveness that many people dream about to reach a lifetime relationship that brings full satisfaction to each member. An ideal tool for lay people and all health professionals to understand the importance of effective communication as the key to a satisfying relationship.

2 Disc Set:

  • Vol. 1: Increasing Intimacy & Desire
  • Vol. 2: Dr. Zonnya’s 8 Steps To Better Communication.