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The Better Guide to Sex and Pregnancy
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Hot Sexy & Pregnant... you bet!

Sinclair Institute

This enlightening film will be your sensuous guide to great sex and passion! 

For many pregnant women, and their partners, sex during pregnancy can be the most exciting sex of their lives - voluptuous hips, enlarged breasts, and increased libido!

Watch and Learn. Be creative, intensify intimacy, and learn new techniques for positions, oral sex, G spot stimulation and heightened orgasm. Esteemed Doctors provide information regarding the changes occurring in a woman’s body, while a lively discussion group shares their own fascinating experiences. Also covered - precautions, marital aids, exercises, sensual massage, and marvelous ideas for getting sexually reacquainted post pregnancy.

“Tasteful and classy, The Better Sex® Guide to Sex and Pregnancy is one of Sinclair's finest productions, realistically and comprehensively celebrating sexual intimacy during this special time in a couple's evolution. The sensual, romantic scenes set to beautiful music beckon expectant lovers to explore their erotic potential and take advantage of all pregnant sex has to offer. Real-life expectant couples, backed by expert commentary, provide couples with the reassurances that they often need to enjoy sex during pregnancy and post-birth. Packed with tips and accurate information, this film tackles common pregnancy sex misconceptions, presenting a realistic portrayal of the wide spectrum of sexual reactions lovers can have. Couples are sure to feel empowered in meeting each other's sexual and emotional needs after watching this commendable video”.

Approx. 53 minutes