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Sexplorations (Volume 1)
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Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions, by Sinclair Institute

The Better Sex Video Series Sexplorations will help both you and your partner learn how to have great sex. Real couples, not porn stars, and sexuality experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy. Learn the importance of open communication between partners and how to achieve it, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions, and watch explicit, erotic demonstrations of techniques that will heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy. Each volume of Sexplorations covers different topics and areas of interest. Total run time is 225 minutes.

Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions
Advanced Sexual Techniques is the first video in our three video Better Sex Series. Volume 1 discusses how to increase your sexual knowledge, increase pleasure, and heighten intimacy. Twelve couples from different ethnic backgrounds take you on an explicit sexual journey that explores sexual positions and techniques.

Topics include: 

  • Explanation and demonstration of Kama Sutra sexual positions.
  • Explanation of human sexual anatomy, including the elusive G-spot
  • Erotic massage
  • The four fundamentals of foreplay - oral sex, erotic talk, sensual touch and kissing 

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