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Prickly Pear Daily Moisturizer
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Reap the Rewards of All Natural Minerals.

Sia Botanic's Prickly Pear Daily Moisturizer perfectly compliments the other Prickly Pear products. After the cleanser gently washes away dirt and grime, this moisturizer's all natural minerals will even your skin tone and deflect light away from any imperfections. Get ready for rejuvenated skin and an evening glow that lasts! The broad spectrum SPF protection is also excellent for your long-term skin health.

This age defying moisturizer was made with mature skin in mind, but it's minerals don't discriminate and will help any skin type.

What are the Active Ingredients and how do they work?

Prickly pear helps to protect against free radical damage and nourish skin cells while Jojoba Esther and Hyaluronic Acid keep skin supple and hydrated.

UsageApply an even layer to exposed skin in the AM. Reapply as often as needed.