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She's Gotta Have It!
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Discover Natural Ways to Enhance Libido Increase Sexual Pleasure, Have Satisfying Sex Every Time...At Any Age, by Betty Kamen, PhD, with a foreword by Michael E. Rosenbaum, MD

She's Gotta Have It : Euphoria, Sexuality, Orgasm discusses natural ways for women to enhance libido, increase sexual pleasure, and have satisfying sex every time - at any age. It tackles tough questions for any woman suffering from a lagging libido, chronic inability to achieve orgasm, disinterest in sex, vaginal dryness, or decreased fertility. Safe, healthy, and natural ways to reclaim a vibrant and satisfying sexuality are described.

About the Author

A columnist for 8 health publications over a span of 50 years, Betty Kamen has had more than 500 health reports and 18 books published. She taught at Hofstra University, developed a nutrition workshop at Stanford University, and served as nutrition consultant on the Committee of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, Washington, DC. Dr. Kamen hosted her own radio talkshows on major stations in NYC and San Francisco.