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Sexy Encounters
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21 Days Of Provocative Passion Fixes, by Carole Pasahow

Have a sexy encounter to fire up your love life—any time, night or day!

No time for sex? Nonsense, says sex therapist Dr. Carole Pasahow, whose "21-Day Passion Fix Program" shows you how to fit hot lovemaking into your tight schedule. Do you want more romantic sex? More intensely erotic sex? More innovative sex? Dr. Pasahow shows you how to achieve all your sexual goals with her 21-day program of sizzling "passion fixes."

Whether you’re married, single, or just dating, this groundbreaking guide can take you and your partner to new heights of sexual pleasure. Dr. Pasahow’s two types of sexy encounters—"fantasy encounters" and "provocative encounters"—can help you:
· Open up communication
· Avoid making one partner feel rejected when the other isn’t in the mood
· Pull you out of a sexual rut
· Intensify lovemaking
· Enhance intimacy

Each session follows a loving couple through an "encounter."

The "21-Day Passion Fix Program" has helped hundreds of overworked and busy-scheduled couples turn their sex lives around. Let Dr. Pasahow help you make the time to practice passion in your life!