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Sex Matters For Women
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  • Sex Matters For Women
  • Sex Matters For Women

A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self, by Sallie Foley, Sally Kope and Dennis Sugrue, PhD

After 1960, the birth control pill and changing cultural mores promised women the freedom to explore and celebrate their sexuality. Yet decades later, women are still disappointed and dissatisfied sexually. Sex Matters for Women promises to "help you succeed where the sexual revolution failed" in finding sexual fulfillment. The authors, all sex therapists, have packed this self-help guide with information, anecdotes, and exercises for women of all ages and orientations. They explain anatomy and sexual functioning in detail, but they also acknowledge that your sexual response is affected by more than your body parts. Your sexual history, body image, and the quality of your relationship play a huge role. You'll explore where your attitudes and difficulties come from and examine both the physiological and emotional components of your sexuality. Dozens of exercises show you how to start to make changes today that will enhance your quality of life as well as your sexuality. "You can spend your entire life capable of sexual response, pleasure, and enjoyment," promise the authors. "To what extent, and in what ways, you fulfill the promise of your adult sexuality is up to you." This warm and practical guide shows you how to get started.