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Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag
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  • Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag
  • Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag

Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag is the ideal gag for any couple looking to push the boundaries of pleasure and explore their scandalous side. Experienced fetishists and bashful beginners alike can indulge in this sensationally versatile pleasure play with the open-mouth-optional gag.

This ingenious gag allows dominants to open or close their sexy submissive’s mouth with a thrilling silicone stopper. Dominants will love the range of pleasure they can control with this sensational stopper and sub’s will love the thrilling release this delicious gag commands.

Bring even your most erotic dreams to life and dive deep into your most adventurous desires with this wickedly versatile mouth gag.