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Reclaiming Eros
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  • Reclaiming Eros
  • Reclaiming Eros
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Sacred Whores and Healers, by Suzanne Blackburn and Margaret Wade with a foreword by Kenneth Ray Stubbs

This book recently won a bronze award from the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY). It is a national award in the category New Age, Mind, Body, Spirit and is for her book Reclaiming Eros. Suzanne says the book is about women and men who work inside and outside of conventional society to remove shame and restore the divine power of erotic energy. If the idea of casting off any holding back of your erotic energy and enjoyment resonates with you, please consider making this the next book on your reading list.

Reclaiming Eros shares the stories of men and women who put Eros back where it belongs - with all of life that is sacred and beautiful.

In Reclaiming Eros: Sacred Whores and Healers by Suzanne Blackburn and Margaret Wade you will find fascinating stories about women and men who work inside and outside of conventional society making a powerful claim that erotic energy is our birthright and that it is essential to our vitality, creativity and optimum living. You will find stories of courageous healing and new possibilities. You will also find useful information about eroticism, sexuality and alternative healing. Reclaiming Eros challenges us to examine what roles eroticism and sexuality play in our lives, how we regard these powerful forces in ourselves and in others and how we might, if we dare, change our beliefs. Reclaiming Eros puts Eros back where it belongs - with all of life that is sacred and beautiful.

Blackburn’s and Wade’s interviews with sexual pioneers – people who openly identify themselves using terms such as “sacred intimate” or “sacred prostitute” – are filled with profound insights, tenderness and humor; the thoughtfulness and integrity of the interviewees will undoubtedly shatter many preconceptions. Blackburn and Wade demonstrate that it is possible to reclaim the sacred role of the prostitute and that doing so would help liberate us all... Mark A. Michaels (Swami Umeshanand Saraswati) and Patricia Johnson (Devi Veenanand), authors of The Essence of Tantric Sexuality

Spirituality has been separated from sexual pleasure for too long in our culture. Reclaiming Eros puts it back where it belongs – in the healing energy of our most intimate relationships... Gina Ogden, Ph.D., author of The Heart and Soul of Sex: Making the ISIS Connection and Women Who Love Sex: An Inquiry Into the Expanding Spirit of Women’s Erotic Experience

Sacred prostitutes and sexual healing may look like impossible fantasies in our sex-negative culture, but in Reclaiming Eros, Blackburn and Wade introduce us to a wondrously diverse group of women and men dedicated to the practice of sacred sex as an underground journey to the light. This lucid unfolding of emotional, spiritual and sexual mysteries adds up to one of stupendous affirmation: Eros can make you whole... Dossie Easton, Marriage and Family Therapist, Co-author with Janet W. Hardy of The Ethical Slut and Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence

Contributers: Suzanne Blackburn, Isa Magdalena, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., Steve Howard, Ph.D., Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly, Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Alex Jade, Julie Berger, Betty Dodson, Ph.D., Singing Deer, Rudolph Ballentine, Ph.D., Margaret Wade, Collin Brown, Cléo Dubois, Emaya

252 pages - includes nine pages of glossary and resources