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Playtionships: The New Paradigm, by Jaime Summers
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An Intimate Account of How I Created the Guidelines that Set Me Free

Jaime Summers will be visiting us in person and telling her story on Friday, April 1st at our store in Manhattan.  She will be talking to our customers from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Our store is located at 119 W 57th Street on the 12th floor.

We no longer have to conform to one way of being, to the limitations of the words and stereotypes that define us. Everything is customizable in this day and age, so why shouldn’t our relationships be? Once you combine conscious language and hunger to explore, you can use these guidelines to safely create play in your current relationship or a new one. Are Playtionships the precursor to dating, like dating was once the precursor to Marriage? Or are they just a new way to pursue our pleasure? That all depends on your intentions. This is an intimate account of my first experience in what I call a “Playtionship”, which led me to create “The Playtionship Guidelines”. The Guidelines can be used in Polyamorous or Monogamous relationships to create new, previously undefinable relationships. Included are excerpts from my diary as well as the Worksheet “Boundaries, Desires & Agreements” as a tool to create your Playtionship. Relationships are really on a spectrum from monogamous to polyamorous, our sexuality is on a spectrum from straight to gay, from kinky to vanilla, and everything in between.