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Lessons In Sexual Mischief
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For every woman who has necked shamelessly in a public place, by Ilona Paris 

If you have ever felt an erotic thrill when a lover pinned her hands over her head during love-making--or for those of us who want to be that woman-- You Know You Love It reveals the way to the kinkier side of pleasure. Dominatrix and practicing therapist Ilona Paris gives readers permission to tap into their deepest fantasies and uncover a new dimension of sexual feeling-- to discover the world of S&M.

These loaded initials pack a wallop, but with Paris as a guide, "sexual mischief" is playful, fun, and so very hot. The lessons in this book can spice up a long-term couple's sex life, give a young woman the tools of sexual freedom, or captivate the imagination of someone who's looking for a new angle on intimacy. Chapters on anticipation, bondage, toys, and more are juxtaposed with anecdotes from the author's adventures. You Know You Love It is a book about pushing sexual boundaries-- which are often self-imposed --and opening the doors to bliss.

About the Author
Dominatrix ILONA PARIS holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She has a private counseling practice outside Boston, and has served as a specialist in substance abuse and trauma for the city. A guest on various radio programs and panels, she frequently surprises audiences with her intelligence and wit.