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Lessons in Itimacy
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The Lover's Touch

This is a one-hour audio Tantra experience for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home.  It includes exotic chants & music, along with guided instructions for you and your Beloved to honor one another, sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

Using this instructional "audio-book" CD allows the two of you to actually experience Sacred Loving.

One couple writes: The CD encouraged us to reconnect in a way that I never thought possible! We're in love again!  A "touch-feely" experience, as lovemaking should be, the CD invites you to look into each other's eyes and touch one another's hearts. Whether you are currently enjoying great lovemaking with your partner and you are curious about what Tantra has to offer ... or you and your partner have not been so intimate lately... this sensitively guided CD can bring you to a new level in your relationship.  It is suitable for couples of any age.

Tantra Loving is an exquisite adventure into the realm of spiritual union.  This CD will help you explore the possibilities.