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Jade Egg
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  • Jade Egg
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Strengthen Your Sexual Well-Being.

The Jade Egg is a wonderful tool that has helped woman to remain youthful and strong for hundreds of years. The egg is very easy to use. Oprah magazine recently took one for a test drive and had this to say:

"Pop this ovum-shaped stone into your vagina, and Kegel your heart out to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your orgasms. I spent 15 minutes a day flexing my muscles (while watching 30 Rock on the sofa) and noticed more control after less than a week. Try it if you want orgasms that shake the headboard."

Great for beginners and regular Kegel exercisers alike. The Jade Egg will boost any Kegel exercise routine by targeting the pelvic floor muscles with precision. The benefits of the Egg are many and include relaxed muscle tension, toned muscles (vagina, uterus, perineum and the lower abdomen), improved bladder control and most importantly improved orgasmic pleasure and an increased flow of sexual hormones.

Pro Tip: Before you start your Kegel exercise, take a moment to breathe and massage your inner thighs, groin and vulva. Once you are warmed up, gently insert the Jade Egg into your vagina and begin your Kegel exercise. 

  • Solid Onyx/Chalcedony for strength
  • Retrieval cord is firmly attached
  • Instruction booklet to get you started
  • Attractive velvet pouch for discreet storage

Eggs are approximately 2" in length and 1 1/4" in width. Color and marbling of the egg can vary.

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