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It's My Pleasure
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A Revolutionary Plan to Free Yourself from Guilt and Create the Life You Want, by Maria and Maya Rodale

Why do women feel guilty for the typical things - romance novels, chocolate - which give them pleasure? Maria Rodale is VP of Rodale Inc, the family publishing business she effectively reorganized and expanded. In It's My Pleasure, she and co-author Maya Rodale tell women just how to get past the guilt and find the pleasure. Their personal stories come from two generations and tell how they overcame guilt impulses to embrace this pleasure in their lives, while references to history connect pleasure with strength.

In this groundbreaking book by mother and daughter, you'll discover the answers to questions like:

  • Why is it so easy for you to take care of everyone else but not yourself?
  • Why do you feel guilty when you do something just for you?
  • Why do women ererywhere love happy endings and romance novels?
  • How can you become the heroine of your own life?
  • What are the easy secrets to creating more fun in your life..every day?

And what do all these questions have to do with each other.