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Intimacy After Breast Cancer
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A Practical Guide to Dealing with Your Body, Relationships, and Sex, by Gina M. Maisano

About the Author 

Gina M. Maisano is a New York resident and two-time Breast Cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2001, and was treated with a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. In 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time, and was treated with a bilateral mastectomy, re constructive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Gina is the founder of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, a not for profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women with breast cancer.

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Las Vegas, Nevada–June 21, 2010- It was sometime last March when Stacy Martello, breast cancer survivor and founder of Fight Pink, met Gina Maisano.

She is a fellow two time breast cancer survivor, founder of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation and now…an author! In Gina’s book, Intimacy After Breast Cancer, she touches on the subjects of your spirit, body, relationships and sex after breast cancer.

“You made it through breast cancer, you survived! So why do you feel so alone?” Gina asks. While medical professionals prepare you for the physical effects of cancer and treatment, they seem to forget about your spirit, your emotions and your sexuality.

In Intimacy after Breast Cancer, two time breast cancer survivor Gina Maisano, helps you put breast cancer behind you, and helps you go back to the woman you used to be.

Stacy Martello knows all to well that “after surviving breast cancer, we are so focused on the fight, and surviving, that we sometimes loose who we are. We need to feel that sense of self again.” In Intimacy After Breast Cancer, Gina helps us ‘feel’ again, said Stacy.

Throughout the book, there are stories contributed by other survivors, which offer a wealth of personal perspectives with examples of physical recovery and emotional healing.

Gina covers the gambit in this wonderful book. She guides you through the different options when it comes to choosing your surgical outcomes from your diagnosis, as well as discussing sexuality, and the difference between being a ’single survivor’ or a ‘married survivor.’ Gina has a way of making you take control of your life instead of letting cancer control you.

“Intimacy After Breast Cancer is a no holds barred, straight to the point guide for all of us women who have heard the words, “You have Breast Cancer.” It guides you back to your ‘before cancer’ you, helping you to reclaim your spirit, your sexuality and your relationship with yourself, and those around you.” Says, Stacy Martello.

Gina dedication for the book: To all women who have heard the words, “You have Breast Cancer.” You are so very beautiful!