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How to Be the Best Lover
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  • How to Be the Best Lover
  • How to Be the Best Lover

A Guide for Teenage Boys, by Howard B. Schiffer

How To Be The Best Lover - A Guide for Teenage Boys’ is the first book that dares to tell teenage boys the deep truth about lovemaking and teenage sexuality. For young men who are coming of age, 'How To Be The Best Lover' is an important threshold in their rites of passage. Going beyond the sex talk, ‘Best Lover’ fills in the gulf between what I call the birds and the bees or ‘Sex 101’ books and the adult technique manuals. ‘Best Lover’ introduces teenagers to the heart of relationships - not shying away from telling them about oral sex or making love while at the same time introducing them to the complexities and responsibilities involved when you open yourself up to another person on this level. Best Lover has been hailed as a breakthrough in sex education by some of the leaders in the parenting field. ‘Best Lover’ explores the territory of relationships, danger zones, passion, responsibility, teenage sex and the commitment that comes from opening up your heart on this level with another person.