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How to Do It Longer, Better, and Hotter Than Ever

In this brand new guide to erotic pleasure Tracy Cox continues where she left off with her first edition of Hot Sex. Cox aka the Sex Doctor turns up the heat for this feel-good book. Men and women alike of every taste and persuasion can turn to this guide to find the low-down on all sex related topics. Whether it be how to go down, straight talk on toys or surefire ways to turn up the heat on even the most lukewarm love life Tracy Cox has it covered.

A small sampling of the topics covered:

  • A guide to the best sex toys and how to use most effectively,
  • Top Five things your lover is hoping for,
  • Foolproof ways rate yourself as a lover,
  • Sex advice for those who aren’t getting enough... or any,
  • How to position yourself for maximum pleasure, and

Much, much more!

More Hot Sex is filled with great hands-on advice. The words on the page are almost as much fun to read as the techniques you are going to learn! Well maybe not...