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Healing the War Between the Genders
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The Power of the Soul-Centered Relationship, by Linda Marks

This new, wise, wonderful and thought provoking book is not about improving your sex life but reading it will. Many books have been written about relationships but Linda Marks, a body-centered psychotherapist explored new territory and concepts in addressing the issue of how “wounded hearts,” often the result of traumatized early experiences, can effects the dynamics of a relationship. It opens the way for a far deeper relationship. It opens the way for a far deeper connection between the sexes and heralds forth a matrix that will assist men and women to make sense out of personal relationship chaos. The wise knowledge contained in this book will shed new light in birthing a soul-centered relationship, which will in its ending result create a stronger and more intimate bond between the sexes, and a far more satisfying sexual relationship.

Through her work with individuals and couples, workshops and personal examples, she helps others heal from the soul-level up and create new heart-filled possibilities for their lives. She has been committed to founding organizations that bridge the gap between the individual and the collective for the past twenty years.

“This is a wonderful book about the journey men and women are taking. Another step in the healing…an inspiration.”...Daphne Rose Kingma, Author, The Men We Never Knew and the Future of Love

HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS will also inspire you on your own on-going journey toward creating a more fulfilling relationship where heart, soul and spirit are connected and become the essential ingredients for a more joyful relationship.