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G-Spot Play Guide
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7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!, by Kim Switnicki with Barry Switnicki

Over the last twenty-five years Kim Switnicki, ECPC, ACC, has helped thousands of women feel sexier, have more sensual relationships and more satisfying orgasms! Let her help you. This veteran Sex Educator, International Speaker and accredited Intimacy Coach teaches the secrets to feeling younger, more vital and completely sexually satisfied. 

The G-Spot PlayGuide wil help you to boost your sexual confidence and discover how to Really, REALLY GET THERE! Unleash your sexual power. This fun, experiential and easy-to-follow playguide gives the facts, the answers and everything you want to know about the mysterious G-Spot. Click here for a video review of this great new book and more about Kim.

Discover in 7 Simple Steps:

  • Exactly where your G‑Spot is and how to stimulate it, so you can have the best sex of your life!
  • How to have mind-blowing orgasms, so you can STOP faking them!
  • The BEST sexual positions, so you can truly WOW your partner!

“After reading the G‑Spot PlayGuide and after 15 years of marriage, I can honestly say our sex has never been this good or this fun! Thank you, Lioness for Lovers!” ... Kim H., Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

This book helps readers connect deeply to their sensuality and sexuality.