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Exploring Intimacy
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  • Exploring Intimacy
  • Exploring Intimacy

Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition, by Suzann Panek Robins

The Road to Re-connecting

 In today’s technologically advanced society of blackberries and ipods, living a wired lifestyle has its drawbacks. In the realm of relationships, for example, technology tends to create a level of isolation amongst individuals that makes creating intimacy in relationships more difficult. In her book Exploring Intimacy, Suzann Robins offers us guidance for fostering healthy relationships that contribute to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Basing her work on both psychological and social research, Robins offers a roadmap to the relationship between intuition-our sixth sense-and creating true intimacy.

Readers learn to utilize a variety of pathways that will change their responses to others and will produce lasting, more rewarding, and closer relationships in all areas of their lives. Offering simple mindfulness and reflective exercises, she helps readers learn to integrate ideas from both Eastern and Western approaches into everyday practice that will cultivate better relationships and true intimacy through a mind-body approach.

“Robins’ well-researched text skillfully weaves historic perspectives with overviews of mind-body-spirit system theories and exercises designed to help us reconnect with others and our environment. Robins’ detailed, richly interpretative, and practical study will find an audience among those who are seriously involved with alternative therapies.”... Booklist

“Suzann Robins maintains that we must truly love our Self before we can offer love to another. In order to do that she takes us through the necessary steps to truly become an Integrated Self, able to generate self love. Thus we are able to increase our capacity for creating loving relationships. She provides an inclusive overview of the history of healing from a scientific, spiritual and psychological perspective that carries the reader along on this fascinating journey to wholeness. Robins writes in a friendly style that is a pleasure to read.”... Gloria Arenson, Author of Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, Past-President of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Suzann Panek Robins is a counselor specializing in personal growth and relationships, anger management, hypnotherapy, emotions, and related areas. Suzann teaches at the University of Northern Colorado and is available for workshops, retreats and speaking engagements by calling 303-428-0968.