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A Woman's Guide Erotic Pleasuring Meditation, by Evalena Rose

Erotic self pleasuring meditations help a woman awaken her inner lover and fall in love with herself. As you deepen in self love and understanding, you further your capacity for authentic and fulfilling love with another. Designed to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own bed or sanctuary, this CD takes your inner journey beyond where we can go in workshops to increase your tolerance for pleasure and ecstasy. 

An erotic meditation has no end goal save presence and openness to the moment. As you enter into the moment and focus on feeling whatever sensations arise, you discover more about the inner landscape of your erotic world and the range of feelings of which you are capable.
Enjoy this enchanting journey set to the beautiful, sacred music of Sophia. Regularly using this practice can expand your capacity to hold an erotic charge and experience ecstatic states. It can deepen your love affair with the Inner Beloved. Once you understand the practice, simply play the third cut and bask in the afterglow. 
  1. Introduction to Erotic Pleasuring as a Spiritual Practice 4:52 mins
  2. The Basics of the Practice 5:28 mins
  3. The Practice 27:14 mins
  4. Blessed Am I Sophia 3:10 mins
Sophia: Vocals, Zither, Keyboard
Sharon Neal Williams: Cover Art
BLISS! BLISS! BLISS! This is a state of mind to be wished and desired by every woman, and it is with the greatest joy that we introduce this CD produced by the celebrated Tantra teacher for women, Evalena Rose. We were quite swept away as you will be to; for here is a meditation that moves your mind and body into states of erotic pleasuring and peace of mind. ‘‘This erotic pleasuring meditation is a sacred practice to increase the life energy in your body – the Shakti – the Kundalini – the flow of light. Doing a regular practice helps you build a larger container for Eros, keeping you energetically alive and emotionally vital. It opens what we think of as sexual energy – the energy of Kundalini, the basic life force itself, to be used as a resource of self-rejuvenation for healing and for uplifting consciousness." says Evalena Rose. Her words reminded me of my original mission in starting Eve’s Garden so many years ago. Although at the time I did not know the word Kundalini to describe our life force, I knew that pleasuring our body did empower us to become more self-confident, more energized, more creative and certainly more able to enjoy the pleasure of our Goddess-given sexual nature. Which all brings me back to acknowledging, as Evalena does so beautifully, the definition of Eros. "Eros is defined as the sum of the life-preserving instincts, fundamentally creative impulses that move one to sensual and sexual love and desire. Eros occurs when you practice openness, heart-centeredness and and an in-the-moment indulgence of sensations throughout your body. To the pleasures and joy of sexuality eros adds emotional presence, sensuality and a here and now focus on the physical and electrical energy in the body. Eros, has a way of so emersing you in your energetic and sensate experience that your conscience mind silences and you enter into timelessness.
This erotic pleasuring meditation is a sacred practice to increase the life energy in your body - the Shakti - the Kundalini - the flow of light. Through such spiritual practices you open to love affair with spirit - seeing Goddess as love, lover and beloved. Thus, the erotic becomes a form of worship and if you do it as a regular practice, can be a path to enlightenment".
I truly wish to say I love this meditation, I have practiced it myself. I guaranty that each and everyone of you who reads this and practices it on a consistent basis will truly enjoy the meditation since this experience allows you to open and nourish every part of your body as an act of self love. You become your own source of passion and your own best beloved... Dell Williams, Eve's Garden Founder
Listeners Comments:
  • "Your CD is absolutely wonderful."
  • "After I listened to your CD, the rest of my week I felt terrific: alive, awake, potent, motivated, upbeat, vibrant. I can't remember the last time I had a week feeling that good and being that focused and productive!".
  • "I appreciate not only the pleasure aspect of the CD, but all the soothing self-loving affirmations, just what I am needing right now. I truly believe this is a path which leads to more wholeness for me. I am becoming more orgasmic; I have orgasms more easily and more frequently. This is a true gift. (My partner) has noticed that I am more able to get to higher states of arousal. Hard to believe it will probably get even better!".