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Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm
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A Guide to Female Ejaculation through Sacred Sex Featuring G-Spot Massage, by Deborah Sundahl

Let Your Waters Flow!

Women's erotica pioneer Deborah Sundahl explains how to incorporate spirituality into our sex aceient veiw of being sexual that can truly satisfy our deepest yearnings for itimacy, love and pleasure. Reflecting our search for deeper meaning in our sexual encouters, Deborah takes us into the canyons of the Southwest. There she reveals the often soulful process of opening to sacret sex. Learn how a sexual purification rite can ease and honor this process.

In this DVD:

  • History—Female Ejaculation is Ancient
  • Anatomy and Attitudes
  • Preparation—Sexual Cleansing Rituals
  • The G-Spot Massage—First-Ever Demonstration
  • Go Deeper—Eastern Techniques to Encourage Ejaculation
  • Lovemaking—Sacred Sex Style