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Female Ejaculation: The Workshop
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Instruction on Female Ejaculation, A Deborah Sundahl Production

Female ejaculation author and expert Deborah Sundahl is a female ejaculation pioneer. Her book Female Ejaculation and the G-spot draws on her 22 years of experience educating others on this important topic of female sexuality.

In this DVD you will see an actual workshop demonstrating the techniques and instruction from the book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot.

Featuring French actresses Lydia St. Martin, Wendy Delomar and Fass

All women can learn to ejaculate!

  • How to Find Your G-spot
  • What is Female Ejaculation
  • Learn How To Stimulate the G-spot
  • Are You Ready To Ejaculate
  • Things to Know About the G-spot Orgasm
  • Partners and Positions
  • Wendy: One Year Later
This French-made video has exciting editing, visuals, and special effects. This video will teach you how to ejaculate and you will see new close-ups of the G-Spot