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Eyes of Desire 2
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Lisa Becomes Consumed by a Dark and Sensuous Man, Candida Royalle's Femme Collection

In part two of Eyes of Desire, Lisa's world becomes consumed by the dark, sensuous Daniel Parish. He takes her to heights of sexual passion she had never experienced before, but as she comes closer and closer to her own erotic limits she is forced to make a very painful choice. Is it possible to surrender to intense passion without losing yourself to another? It is something Lisa will have to decide.

71 X-rated minutes.

About the Director

In 1984 Candida Royalle went from being an adult film star to creating the internationally acclaimed Femme line of erotic movies from a woman's perspective. She has since lectured worldwide on her work, and is also the first adult film maker to have been invited into membership by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has appeared on most major TV talk shows and has been written up in everything from the New York Times to Marie Claire.