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Viva La Vulva
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Courageous Women Explore Their Vulvas, A Betty Dodson, Ph.D. Production

Join Betty and 10 other women to celebrate 25 years of her pioneering work to reveal the beauty of women’s genitals. In 1973, she began her Bodysex workshops where genital "Show and Tell" became a powerful healing process. From those days to the present, Betty has sat alongside thousands of women teaching them to appreciate the unique design and function of their vulvas. Positive genital imagery, she believes, is a cornerstone of self-acceptance and sexual growth. Now observe this group of courageous women, ages 25 to 68, gathered to honor women’s sex organs with intimate images of their own vulvas. Follow along as Betty guides the women through her ten suggested steps for genital self-massage. Become part of this joyful group applauding the diversity of Mother Nature’s most exquisite work of art, the divine vulva.