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Celebrating Orgasm
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Private Sessions to Help Women Achieve Orgasm, A Betty Dodson, Ph.D. Production

In private sessions with Dr. Dodson, five women improve their ability to achieve orgasm. This documentary illustrates the sex-coaching techniques Betty uses to guide women through sexual arousal to enjoying one or more orgasms. 

Betty emphasizes each of the seven elements -- such as breathing, movement, and sound that heightens sexual pleasure. There are close-up views of the clients using clitoral stimulation, including fingers, battery vibrators, electric vibrators, and dildos. Betty's humor shines through in this joyful and rewarding video.

Observe five uniquely different women, ages 26 to 62, practice and achieve the ecstasy of orgasm during a private session with Betty Dodson. In a space of extraordinary trust, watch Betty guide each woman through her pioneering step by step process designed to overcome common inhibitions. See her encourage a client to speak lovingly about the beauty of her vaginal flower. Watch each woman practice masturbation while Betty sits alongside doing actual hands on coaching as she teaches slow penetration, rhythmic squeezing of the PC muscle, rocking the pelvis, breathing outloud, and making sounds of pleasure while using different forms of clitoral stimulation that include fingers and electric vibrators.

Then hear from the women themselves about the dramatic results of their private session: Increased self-knowledge, heightened self-esteem, and enhanced partnersex. Finally, enjoy how Betty uses earthy humor, straight forward language, and her own personal experience to teach sex.

Editorial Reviews

"Betty Dodson reveals her "Seven Techniques for Achieving Orgasmic Ecstasy" in Celebrating Orgasm, an intimate portrayal of her private training sessions with five different women. Betty's pioneering, hand-on coaching in genital massage and using vibrators and dildos elicits spontaneous, authentic orgasm from her fortunate and attentive clients."
-- Good Vibrations, The Sexuality Library

"One of the many unique things about Betty Dodson's videos is that they are for everyone, from sex novices to the world's greatest sex experts. Celebrating Orgasm is an absolutely brilliant example. If only they gave acadamy awards for the greatest instructional sex videos, Betty would win them all. Two thumbs up and deep inside."
-- Annie Sprinkle, Porn Star, Artist, Author, Multi-media Pleasure Activist

"Celebrating Orgasm is a warm, frank approach to learning how to experience greater sexual fulfillment though knowledgable self-pleasuring and understanding. Every women, regardless of what she knows, should take a peek at this beautful video."
-- Candida Royalle, Erotic Film Director