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Aneros MGX Prostate Stimulator
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  • Aneros MGX Prostate Stimulator
  • Aneros MGX Prostate Stimulator

Electrifying Orgasms for Men

The Aneros MGX is a hands-free, patented, anal sphincter prostate stimulator that allows a man to achieve electrifying, often unsurpassed orgasms. Newly redesigned, the MGX is a medically researched device that works in harmony with your body’s own movements. Stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. Easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences.

 "What is the Male G-Spot?"

Male G-Spot? Is there such a thing? The answer is an unequivocal "YES." Quite simply, the Male G-Spot is the prostate, or more specifically, the prostate-perineum. What are they? The prostate is the male prostate gland, and the perineum is a dime-sized soft spot between the anus and scrotum. The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area. This means that this area is essentially a man's "command center" for sexual pleasure. Massaging the prostate has been a way to maintain and increase sexual health for men since ancient times. Men who suffer from prostate diseases such as prostatitis and bph can get relief from these problems through regular prostate massages, usually given manually by a urologist.

Made in the USA from FDA approved materials

The Aneros MGX allows for easy insertion for anal and prostate play and is 4 1/4" x 1" at its widest point.