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After Midnight: True Lesbian Erotic Confessions
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The uncensored words of lesbians, Edited by Chelsea James

The uncensored words of real lesbians describing their hottest, wildest erotic adventures.

In "After Midnight" you will be delighted with:

  • An intimate encounter in a movie theater halfway around the world.
  • A passionate affair with a married woman.
  • A weekend of role-playing with two women and heir “headmistress.”

The gals in this book tell powerful, raw, sensuous tales. They express their sultry, playful, and sometimes downright dirty secrets as never before. These women bare all, describing not only their deepest fantasies, but the hot and heavy truth of their sexual deeds inside and outside the bedroom. Peer in during a young woman’s first time getting tag-teamed. Enjoy a rollicking “Toy Story” that’s certainly not rated G. Accept a red-hot Valentine’s Day gift any horny lesbian would be grateful to receive. In short, curl up — alone or with a lover — and discover what lesbians are getting up to…after midnight.