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Magic Wand
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Trusted by Women for over 40 years.

There is a reason this massager is labelled "magic". The original vibrator, the Magic Wand has been praised by women since it came on the market in the late 60's. The smooth ball shaped head delivers strong vibrations at a range of speeds and a slightly flexible neck allows the ball to be used in strategic spots. It is particularly good for clitoral stimulation.

Pro Tip: Place the Magic Wand's head between your thighs while avoiding the vulva area. This will stimulate your clitoral "legs" which run along your inner thighs up to the clitoris. Train your partner to tease you for tantalizing foreplay.

  • Two powerful vibration settings 
  • Easy to clean

Although it is designed for external stimulation, the Magic Wand has coordinating attachments to give you the option of internal stimulation. Attachments sold separately. See below!

Cosmopolitan recently wrote an article on the history of the Magic Wand.  In the 70's Dell Williams, our founder and Eve's Garden did as much for the popularity of the Magic Wand as anyone did. You can read The history of the Magic Wand on