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kGoal by Minna Life
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  • kGoal from Minna Life
  • kGoal from Minna Life
  • kGoal from Minna Life
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A Revolutionary, Smart Kegel Trainer.

kGoal is a fully interactive training system for female pelvic floor exercise. The device is paired with a smartphone app, which is included. kGoal provides real time feedback via touch and sight that ensures you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly.

A team of expert's have developed routines, which are custom tailored to you based on your current capabilities. They will change as you grow stronger over time. Track your performance... measure and track of muscle strength, endurance, and more. You will be able to see your body change over time, which will help you to better understand your body and optimize your fitness.

kGoal's squeezable pillow section is squishy and has a vent to adjust size, which means that you will always be comfortable.

Motivation is normally the largest challenge when it comes to exercise. It's extremely important to create an experience that doesn't feel like a chore. kGoal does just that!

Pro Tip: Start by applying lubricant to kGoal, then relaxing pelvic floor muscles, and inert the squeeze pillow into your body, with the control arm forward. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Rechargeable 
  • Smartphone compatible