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  • Uberlube
  • Uberlube

Our favorite silicone lubricant.

Why people love it:

  • Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin
  • Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients
  • Dissipates when no longer needed—no sticky residue
  • Recommended by leading doctors
  • Scent- and color-free
  • Developed & produced in their Chicago-based lab

Why athletes love it:

  • High-performance chafe protection—a small amount lasts for hours
  • Dissipates when no longer in use, leaving skin clean and smooth
  • Sweat- and water-resistant
  • Body-safe—simple, pure, scent-free ingredients
  • Developed & produced in our Chicago-based lab


"When we created überlube, we weren’t just setting out to make a superior product that helps people enjoy sex more. We also wanted to create something that could help remove some of the stigma and taboo around sex, to open up the conversation. Ultimately, we hope people will ask questions and learn, talk and explore, and just have a better experience."... Stephen Magnusen, creator of überlube