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Welcome to your sexual and reproductive health resource. Located in three locations north of Boston, Health Quarters has partnered with Eve's Garden to provide what we think are products that will help you to improve your sex life and your health and wellness.

Health Quarters has offices in Beverly, Lawrence and Haverhill where they provide confidential exams and counseling related to your sexual and reproductive health and wellness. Their board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and medical assistants are dedicated to providing accurate, evidence-based information, education and clinical care. People of all ages, sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome. They are now offering many of the products listed here in their offices as well as others that we hope will enlighten your appetite for a wonderful sexual experience with or without a partner. Shop on the entire Eve's Garden site and don't forget to use the discount code provided to you by Health Quarters at checkout.

You can trust our compassionate care and confidentiality.

Eve's Garden and Health Quarters Together will be providing the latest and the best products on the market as well as sex educational books and DVDs. Eve's Garden has been helping women for over 40 years.  It's founder, Dell Williams was on the podium of every major rally and march for women's rights in the sixties and seventies. Her favorite saying was, "An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away". A percentage of every sale will be donated to Health Quarters. If you would like to make an additional Donation right now to help with their important work, it would be greatly appreciated.