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Petite Sensations Teazer
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Streamlined to perfection and designed to tantalize, the Teazer is an ideal toy for beginners anal play or a cheeky stimulator for the more experienced.

The pretty purple Petite Sensations Teazer butt plug starts with a very slim .4 inch wide tip that undulates down .25 inches before tapering out to a max girth of .625 inch.

Feel each pleasure vibration as it travels from the unique t-shaped base to the very tip as its tickles and stimulates your secret sweet spot! Why not try it? You know you want to.

Feel the 7 pin-pointed functions flow from this beginner-friendly, velvety soft, slim anal vibrator that has a T-shaped base vibrates and pulsates on your highly sensitive area for extremely satisfying sensations. Float on the light touch of this slim first time anal toy to guide you through your new sexual adventure.