Monday, July 11th at 7 PM

We're taught to be agreeable. The word "yes" is empowering because it makes others happy, right? How many "self help" books do you see with the word YES in the title? Many of us, when we really just want to say "no," use "not now," "maybe later," or some other variation of "perhaps" when "NO" is what really suits the conversation. Submission just adds on another layer of wanting to make everyone happy - after all, being agreeable is the basis of submitting to another's desires, right?

But what about the power of using NO? Is there empowerment to be found in such a daunting and curt two letter word? People who use NO are perceived as rude, brash, or blunt; yet, everyone wants directness and honesty. After all, honesty is the basis of all relationships - platonic or romantic.

Join us for an evening of using NO, directness, the art of difficult conversations, and finally being able to express those feelings in a constructive way, all while feeling comfortable in your submission.


About the Presenter

Zoe is the co-founder of SSASE (Soft Smiles Association for Submissive Education). She primarily identifies with the labels: submissive, little, masochist and slave. Zoe has taught classes on submission, navigating the lifestyle, and being single while submissive. Zoe is based in NYC and can be found learning the depths of her submission, experimenting with various types of play, and enjoying cupcakes.


This event is for submissive women only.


Eve's Garden NYC
119 West 57th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10019