Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or take self-pleasure to the next level, introduce dildos into the bedroom if you haven’t already. Yup, dildos.

It may not sound like the most groundbreaking recommendation, but hear us out! Dildos tend to be one of those sex toys that almost everyone knows about, but are also most intimidated by. And we get it. Its shape isn’t the most discreet as some of our small-but-mighty options, but going back to the bedroom basics is always a good idea.

Dildos are also one of the earliest sex toys in history, with the first documented dildo dating back to Ancient Greece and perhaps even before then. But just because they’re the oldest, doesn’t mean they’re outdated. For one, dildos never need batteries, which means you’ll never have to worry about having to stop mid-play to shuffle through your drawer for some AAs. (Talk about a mood-killer.) Plus, they provide deep penetration as well as vaginal or anal stimulation. Though some women may not find it as stimulating as a vibrator, for example, it’s still guaranteed to offer both parties pleasure.

Not all dildos are created equally, but luckily, we’ve got a variety of options to help you choose the best one for you. Here are some of our favorites.

Ruse D-Thang Hot Pink

The Ruse D-Thang is a great choice for both beginners and experts alike, but especially for those looking to ease into things. It’s realistically shaped at 6 inches and designed for G spot or prostate stimulation. Plus, its strong suction cup base allows makes it harness compatible. Try pairing the Ruse D-Thang with the Fetish Fantasy Hollow Strap-On for endless fun.

Ruse Jammy

Ooh, he’s thick. As its name suggests, the Ruse Jammy offers extra girth (2 full inches!) with a shaft curved to perfection. This one’s great for intense G spot and P spot stimulation, and it’s also quite versatile, thanks to its suction cup base. Hello, shower play. The Ruse Jammy pairs well with the Fetish Fantasy Crotchless Harness, which is a sexy and sleek thong style. 

Ruse Shimmy

The Ruse Shimmy is the perfect size with 6 insertable inches. Its pronounced corona is perfect for teasing and pleasing the G spot, plus it’s harness compatible. Try pairing the Ruse Shimmy with the Sasha Couture Harness, a gorgeous lingerie piece that’s equal parts sexy and oh so functional. 


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