Take time to celebrate, even if you are just hearing about it. You love your spouse and you want to keep the fire going – spark it up with Eve’s Garden huge variety of toys, massage oils, flavored lube, and fun card games to get in the mood.


National Spouse Day


Here are a few suggestions on how to elevate the play together:


The G-Ring is a great little toy that can be worn around the finger to stimulate the clitoris. It can also be attached to ones slower lip to enhance oral sex. This toy is versatile, discreet, silent and easy to use, which also makes it a great introductory toy or simply an addition to foreplay.




The Nubby Lover's Delight - can be placed on the base of the penis and will stimulate both partners during penetration while vibrating on the female’s clitoris. The ring can also be placed around ones finger or around a dildo for dual stimulation.

Nubby Lover's Delight

 The We Vibe Sync is our #1 seller for couples. This toy is uniquely versatile. It can be worn by her for hands free pleasurable vibe, or can be used with her partner during intercourse for simultaneous pleasure, where he feels the vibration around his penis. It can be used to give an exciting hand job by running it along the side of his shaft. The Sync’s additional features are ideal for adventurous couples, as it offers a remote, and a smart phone app to enable even a long distance play.

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