Vibrators have a very long history. In fact, they go all the way back to Cleopatra, who is claimed to have invented the first vibrator. Hers was a little crude, consisting of a gourd filled with angry bees. I am not exactly sure what a gourd is, but I think I'll pass. Fortunately for me (and you) vibrators have come a very long way.

Today's smart vibrators rely on some pretty advanced technology. They integrate with some very innovative apps to deliver a modernized approach to masturbation and sexual health that is completely tailored to your own body.

Some work for partner play... some are focused on your health... here's the list of the best of the best!

The kGoal by Minna Life

Minna Life kGoalThe kGoal is a smart kegel trainer. It's designed to take your pelvic exercises to a whole new level. It's soft and malleable materials and fully customizable sizing provide a very comfortable experience for all women.

Kegel exercises are great for both your general health and your sex life. By strengthening your pelvic floor, you can enjoy more powerful, longer lasting orgasms. The kGoal makes mastering these relatively difficult exercises very easy. When partnered with the included smartphone app, kGoal becomes your personal trainer and provides real-time tips that help you to properly adjust your technique and maximize your exercise time. The kGoal also tracks your progress over time, so you can see the fruits of your labor.


The We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus

The We-Vibe 4 Plus allows you to play in a variety of different ways. Couples can experiment with different patterns and tempos and enjoy the vibrations together during sex. Control the vibrations and their intensity by simply touching the screen on your smart phone through the included easy-to-use app.

Ah yes the app... The app is what allows couples to play remotely. Traveling for work isn't as bad as it used to be! Your partner can take control of your pleasure in real-time from across the world. Have fun!



The LELO Siri 2

LELO Siri 2Combine great sex and great music with LELO's Siri 2. This small, but powerful toy converts your favorite rhythms into strong vibrations for you to enjoy while listening. 

This toy also packs and interesting feature that makes it great for couples on the go. The Siri 2 can be set to respond to the voice of your lover when you talk on the phone. Obviously this makes the Siri 2 a must have for anyone in a long distance relationship... Or for any couple that needs to travel for work. Think of the phone sex!

OhMiBod's Freestyle Wave

OhMiBod's Freestyle Wave

Building on the Siri 2 concept, the Freestyle Wave vibrates to the rhythm of your music, but satisfies those that are looking for internal stimulation along with their external clitoral stimulation. The Freestyle Wave comes equipped with three speeds and four patterns, but also allows you to get creative with your own customized patterns.

Vibrating Panties

Just as the name implies, these panties vibrate at the touch of a button. Crafted from elegant black lace, they are sleek, sexy, and brimming with pleasure. The small remote and hands-free vibration allows you to enjoy yourself wherever you go. Perfect for playtime with a lover or a night of truly naughty fun on the town.

Smart vibrators are changing the ways people approach pleasure and sexual health. They are also changing the rules of intimacy. With a smart toy you can keep things hot from the other side of the globe... what a time to be alive.

Do it for yourself... Do it for your relationship... Do it for your sexual health... Embrace technology!

You won't be disappointed...


About the Author

Kim Ibricevic was hired in 1997 by Dell Williams. She has been running the Eve's Garden NYC location for over 10 years and has been featured in CNN, Marie Claire and The Oprah Magazine. Kim's expertise has helped thousands of Eve's Garden customers to become more sexually healthy and fulfilled.