Earth-shattering orgasms don’t happen overnight. Years of trial and error often precedes a woman fully understanding her body. Fear not, with a little guidance and commitment it's relatively easy to master the orgasm. Eve's Garden is here to help you become a guru of your own body.

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Many different types of stimulation can lead to an orgasm... like clitoral, vaginal, anal and urethral, to list a few. Some women can even orgasm as a result of nipple sensation alone. However, more than 60% of women can't achieve orgasm without some sort of clitoral stimulation. This leads us to blended orgasms, which incorporate two or more types of stimulation, most commonly clitoral and vaginal, and are considered by many women to be the most fulfilling.

We think of g-spot stimulation as a variation of vaginal stimulation. The g-spot is brimming with nerve endings, which means that when you find it you will know. The g-spot is very responsive to touch and when stimulated properly, results in longer, more powerful orgasms that will leave you squirming in pleasure.

Locating the G-Spot

While some find it with ease, there are many women that have yet to locate their elusive erogenous zone, which is better known as the g-spot. Start by washing your hands. Next, apply a little lube to your middle finger and insert it into your vagina. Move your finger along the upper wall of your vagina between your cervix and vaginal opening. The skin of the g-spot will feel different than the skin around it. It's slightly bumpy and ridged. Move your finger in a "come hither" movement until you've got it located.

The Three T’s

Now that you've found your g-spot, it’s time to learn what to do with it. One way to explore your body fully is through the use of aids. Sex toys are available in more styles today than ever before. There are different sizes, materials and functions. Each can provide many different sensations. It’s up to you to determine what appeals most to you and your g-spot. Some women prefer the gentler sensations of a smooth vibe or dildo, while others enjoy a textured experience that can be found with ribs, nubs, and beads. There's a class of vibrator that is specially designed to stimulate the g-spot. You will recognize these by their gentle curve.

Liberte from Natural Contours
The Liberte from Natural Contours shows the curve of a g-spot vibe. It's also relatively small, which makes it great for beginner. Not a bad investment at only 33.95. The Ultime is the same price and stimulates both the g-spot and the clitoris.


The Liberte (above) and the Ultime are both excellent choices for beginners. They are both relatively small and not intimidating in the least. Their gentle curves make finding your g-spot easy and their low price makes them great starter toys.

If you are looking for a higher end product we recommend either the JIMMYJANE Form 6 or the LELO Soraya. They both feature gentle curves and smooth finishes. The Form 6 has powerful long lasting vibrations. The Soraya has a rabbit style clitoral stimulator. They are both beautifully designed. It's very tough to make a wrong choice here.



The powerful Form 6 from JIMMYJANE


The Soraya from LELOThe g-spot and clitoral stimulating Soraya from LELO... great for blended orgasms!


Dildos also make excellent g-spot stimulators. Vixen Creations makes some exceptionally high quality, realistic dildos. A few of their more popular curved models include the smaller Tex and Lonestar, and the larger Goodfella and Johnny. Each of these dildos have a realistic texture which really does it for some women. This glass dildo from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection has a different type of texture. You never know what's going to work for you until you try it.

There are also textured vibrators. One of the best examples is the Patchy Paul, which has very distinct pleasure ribs up and down its entire length.

Patchy Paul from Fun Factory

The Patch Paul from Fun Factory



While lube is great for providing additional moisture, it can also increase pleasure and sensation. Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant provides a mellow warming sensation that is both titillating and relaxing. Sliquid Organics Sensation is initially cold, but warms up with friction. Warming lubricants can add a new element to g-spot stimulation, while enhancing the feelings of pleasure.

Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant from Eve's Garden

Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant

How to Stimulate the G-Spot

The dildo or vibrator should enter at a slight upward angle, allowing it to caress the front of the vaginal wall, moving downward and upward between the opening and cervix. The amount of pressure utilized will depend on your own comfort level, and with practice, you’ll eventually learn the angling and pressure needed for your own perfect results.

The female anatomy contains numerous erogenous zones, each of which vary from woman to woman. Many women rely solely on clitoral stimulation, but many others find that incorporating the g-spot allows for far more intensely satisfying orgasms. Preferences among women vary and mastering your g-spot will take some trial and error. It's a great journey that you're embarking on.


With a bit of practice, your toes will be curling very soon!


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