Easter may be over but the rabbits are always ready to play. If you’ve held off from adding one to your arsenal because of their intimidating presence, know that they’re much friendlier than they appear. Rabbit vibrators are fantastic because of their ability to do double duty. They offer penetration as well as clitoral stimulation, which opens up infinite orgasm opportunities.



Explore some of our favorite options below and if you’re new to the Rabbit game, take your time getting familiar with all the speeds and buttons. We alway recommend experimenting until you discover the best combination for your body.


Sensuelle Giselle Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator


Designed to follow your body’s natural curves, the Sensuelle Giselle is your trusted bedside kick. Its rolling ball tip offers intense G-spot stimulation while its dual motors provide precise pleasure. It’s hard not to love this one. 


Femme Funn Booster Rabbit


The Femme Funn Booster Rabbit features a upper rotating head and a lower vibrating head for double the fun. Enjoy both clitoral and G-spot-focused pleasure with ease, thanks to the separate buttons that make it simple to control. The best part? Click the Booster button to intensify pleasure for mind-blowing orgasms.


Signature Rocking “G” Rabbit


Sleek and elegant, the Rocking “G” is designed for the most luxe and intense bedroom experience. Just the follow the light — a soft LED glow will guide you to your best climax yet. Whether you’re in the shower or the bath, this waterproof toy is completely safe to use.


CEN Silicone Bunny Kiss


With adorable flickering ears and two orgasmic motors, this mini vibrator takes G-spot pleasure to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’ll love this powerful and waterproof toy.



Femme Funn Piriuette Aqua


Graceful in design and function, the Femme Funn Piriuette features stimulating ears that offer 360-degree turbo motion. Even with eight powerful vibration modes, this vibrator is incredibly quiet so that you can enjoy discreet pleasure.

Jimmy Jane Iconic Rabbit

As one of the most well-known vibrators out there, this iconic Rabbit definitely lives up to the hype. With its dual-motion functions, it’s great for stimulating the clitoris, labia, and/or G-spot. Just take your pick, click, and go.



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