Recently, Eve's Garden and the Jade Egg were featured in The Oprah Magazine. The Jade Egg is  a toy that helps you target and strengthen pelvic floor muscles through exercises known as Kegels.

In response to the feature, we received an influx of visits and calls from women looking for more information about Kegels and their benefits. It made us realize that when it comes to Kegels many of us are somewhat lost. Our sexual health is very important and having the right information is the key to maintaining it. Incorporating Kegels into your daily routine can make a truly life changing impact on your health. They will probably also be the easiest part of your day.

The Jade Egg featured in The Oprah Magazine: "Pop this ovum-shaped stone into your vagina, and Kegel your heart out to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your orgasms... I spent 15 minutes a day flexing my muscles (while watching 30 Rock on the sofa) and noticed more control after less than a week... Try it if you want orgasms that shake the headboard. Or (if) you pee when you laugh."


Why include Kegel Exercises in your weekly (or daily) health routine?

You have a gym membership to keep your external muscles toned don't ignore your internal muscles. Kegel exercises require little effort and the list of benefits is way too long for you to not be doing them at least weekly if not more frequently.


Let's start with the Fun Stuff... Stronger and Longer Orgasms

Kegel exercises target the muscles of your Pelvic Floor. Without getting too technical... the stronger your vaginal muscles are, the stronger your orgasms will be. This is because your pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm. Since toned muscles can contract with more intensity for longer periods of time the result for women that tone their pelvic floor muscles is a longer, more intense orgasm.

LELO Luna Beads are interchangeable weighted beads that gently vibrate in response to your body’s movements. They are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.


Are there any other Health Benefits?

Funny you should ask...

Kegel Exercises were originally developed in the 50's as a way for women to rehab after urinary incontinence surgery. The exercises themselves were quickly found to be far more effective on their own than the surgery.

The loss of bladder control is an embarrassing reality for many women. Some women experience a small amount of leakage after a sneeze, while others can lose total control suddenly. Kegel exercises can help all women (and men) with bladder control issues. The same pelvic floor muscles that contract during orgasm are what stand in between a woman's bladder and urethra. Using kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor will help in most cases. However, there are other possible causes of incontinence, so consulting a doctor is never a bad idea.

njoy Pure Wand from Eve's Garden
The njoy Pure Wand is a curved version of the original Kegelcisor. Both are excellent Kegel aids, but the njoy's curve makes g-spot stimulation possible.


Kegel exercises can be especially beneficial for women who are pregnant or that have recently given birth. During pregnancy women are more susceptible to urinary incontinence. The act of giving birth will further stretch the muscles of the pelvic floor, which will make any incontinence worse and can lead to less sexual enjoyment. It is a good idea for pregnant women to start a Kegel routine early and to continue for at least several months after giving birth.

Over the years, physicians have identified at least 18 more gynecological and obstetrical conditions (including urinary tract infections and menstrual cramps) that can be relieved or cured by simply employing Kegel exercises a few minutes a day. The relief is due to fitter, more relaxed pelvic muscles, increased blood circulation and better sensory awareness in the region.

The Original Kegelcisor at Eve's Garden

The original Kegelcisor


Now for the Big How-To…

Kegels are very easy once you know what you are doing. The trick is to ensure that you are targeting the right muscle group. To identify the right muscles, flex the muscles that would stop urination midstream. These are your pelvic floor muscles.

To exercise them, you need to contract the muscles for several seconds and then release for several seconds. The Mayo Clinic recommends 3 sets of 10 daily but as with any exercise it is important to do what feels right for your body.

All of the products featured above can be used as Kegel aids. These aids will ensure that you are focusing on the correct muscle group making Kegel exercising easy and fun.


About the Author

Kim Ibricevic was hired in 1997 by Dell Williams. She has been running the Eve's Garden NYC location for over 10 years and has been featured in CNN, Marie Claire and The Oprah Magazine. Kim's expertise has helped thousands of Eve's Garden customers to become more sexually healthy and fulfilled.