I think we can all agree on one thing. When it comes to sex... wetter is better.

But how do you achieve the perfect level of slickness each and every time? For some it might happen naturally, but for everyone else there is no shame in a little help. Finding a great lubricant can be a very important step on your path to really great sex. As with everything else in our industry, there are way too many to choose from, but have no fear Eve's Garden is here to help... Welcome to Lube 101.


What You Need to Know

Water vs. Silicone

Water based lubricants will mimic your body’s natural lubrication. The only drawback is that the average water based lube is going to dry up a little quicker than the average silicone based lube. But that’s okay! The remedy is very simple... just add a bit more as needed to get things going again. The pros greatly outweigh that single drawback. Clean up is a breeze. Water based lubes will wash away much easier than anything silicone based.


Pink Water Based Lube

Our favorite water based lubes come with added ingredients that not only aid in great sex, but will benefit your skin long after your lovemaking ends. Ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E will be absorbed by your skin resulting in long lasting softness. Pink Water (above) is a great example. It includes the extracts of both aloe vera and natural oats to aid in skin repair.


Sliquid Naturals Sea water based lubricant

Another great water based lube with added goodness is Sliquid Naturals Sea. It's got the great texture and natural slick feeling that the best water based lubes have, but it's the infused natural seaweed extracts that set it apart. One of the extracts reduces inflammation and improves the elasticity of your skin. Another one has actually been shown to reduce the transmission of HPV.


An important note: Water based lubricant is your silicone toy's best friend! While silicone lube works well with other materials, it simply does not jive with a silicone toy. I know it sounds strange, but trust me... Silicone lube will deteriorate your new silicone dildo. This is true of other soft toys, too, like jellies.


That's not to say there aren't a lot of great silicone lubricants out there. Silicone lubes provide great texture for both solo play and partner sex. They are known to be very long lasting. With a good silicone lube, there will be no need to stop and reapply after things get going. Silicone lubes can be used on any toy that is made from a harder material, like glass or steel and some hard plastics.

pjur ORIGINAL Silicone Lubricant at Eve's Garden

Pjur ORIGINAL is one of our favorite silicone lubricants. There are a few things to consider... For starters silicone lubes aren't water soluble, so you'll need more than just water for clean up. A little soap or toy cleaner should do it. Not being water soluble can actually be a pretty big positive. Consider the benefits of a lube that doesn't wash off easily... they're great for use in the shower! The only other negative is silicone lubes annoying knack for staining bed sheets.


Anyone that is trying to decide between water base vs. a silicone base should know that there is actually another third option that combines the best attributes of both. Hybrid or blended lubricants are primarily water based with a small amount of added silicone. The hint of silicone makes a big difference and brings the consistency much closer to a fully silicone based lubricant. These lubes are smooth and creamy, limit fiction drastically and are easy to clean. We like Sliquid’s Silk. Sliquid also makes an organic version.


More Fun to be Had

There are other things to consider when searching for a lube. Interested in anal sex? There's a lube for that? Want to experiment with temperatures or sensations? There's a lube for that too!

Sliquid Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant

Let's start with great anal sex. Lubricant is a MUST. We are talking about a sensitive area that does not have natural moisture. Pjur's ORIGINAL and other long lasting silicone lubes are good for anal play. There are also water based lubes that are specifically formulated for anal. Try Sliquid's Sassy (above) which is essentially a much thicker version of their original H2O formula. The added thickness adds necessary padding resulting in more comfort and enjoyment. Also, its water based so it won't damage your toys!


Finally, if you haven't experimented with sensations or temperatures yet you are missing out. A feather tickler or a glass dildo run under warm water are a few of the tried and true methods. Now you can achieve these same sensations with lubricants. KY Yours & Mine are meant to be used in tandem. “Yours” is a gel that provides a warming sensation and “Mine” is slick, wet and provides a cool tingly sensation. The two different textures and sensations combine to thrill and are excellent for a couple that is looking to mix things up.

KY Yours & Mine Lubricants

There are also a variety of lubricants that play with temperature. Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant is a great way for you and your partner to experiment with the pleasures of a little warmth. This lube is allows you to play with sensation without compromising on texture. Warming lubricants will give you a warm buzzy feeling that magnifies pleasure. If you are looking for something on the other end of the temperature spectrum you could try Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm, which is a balm that creates a cool tingly sensation.

Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Lubricant


What Our Customers Think

The top selling Lubricants at Eve's Garden over the past few months are as follows.

  1. Pink Water
    Water based and irritation free. Enhances your pleasure and washes away clean.

  2. Pink Silicone
    Long lasting silicone lube that can keep things slick even in the shower.

  3. Blossom Organics Natural
    Organic water based lube that increases moisture with purely natural ingredients.

  4. Pjur Woman
    Can be used in more ways that one. Add your next full body massage to heighten the experience.


A Few Parting Thoughts:

  • Women should never feel ashamed of using a lube, sometimes your body needs a little help.

  • If you need more moisture, find a lube with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid Glycerin and try a PH Balanced lubricant.

  • Good lubes will open your eyes to new sensations and textures! Explore and have more fun!


About the Author

Kim Ibricevic was hired in 1997 by Dell Williams. She has been running the Eve's Garden NYC location for over 10 years and has been featured in CNN, Marie Claire and The Oprah Magazine. Kim's expertise has helped thousands of Eve's Garden customers to become more sexually healthy and fulfilled.