Ever been curious about trying something new in bed? Maybe you weren't quite sure how to bring it up with your partner? Getting tongue-tied about your wants and needs between the sheets is actually very common. Even for couples that have been together for years.

Maybe you're just  a little curious... Or maybe you're DYING to try something... Either way there is no need to be nervous. Any partner that's worth being with will be excited by the opportunity to be open and honest with their lover. Discussing and pursuing your sexual curiosity with your partner is a great way to find fantastic satisfaction.

Use the tips below to get exactly what you want!

Dirty Talk: How Better Communication Leads to Better Sex

Bring it up at the right time.

When bringing your new idea to your partner timing is everything. If you spring it on your partner during foreplay or sex you can create an environment where they feel pressure to perform. A better approach can be to bring the subject up when the pressure to perform is off. Maybe over a quiet dinner or during a calm and relaxing private chat. The once you are both on board, set a future date to explore your desires together. Maybe neither of you will be able to wait and it'll be later that night. Alternatively, try waiting a few days in order to increase delicious anticipation for both of you.


Use stories and videos to introduce the concept.

If there's a particular piece of erotica or adult movie that showcases what you've got in mind... like positions, scenarios or sex toys... jump on the easy opportunity to share with your partner. Sometimes someone else's words or the images from a clip can explain the sensually-charged act you are interested in better than your own nervous, blushing explanation. It might be the easy way out, but who said there's anything wrong with that?

Ask your partner about their fantasies.

Fun, exciting sex is happens when both partners are engaged and fully satisfied. So don't neglect their needs as you seek your own. If you give your partner the freedom to be honest about their proclivities, they'll be much more likely to jump on board with yours.

It is important to avoid making them feel as if they have to do what you'd like if you satisfy their needs - non-consensual guilt is not sexy!


Educate yourself about your own sexual desire(s).

Find safe, hygienic ways to enjoy your chosen activities and learn what the typical objections or complications are. If, for example, you'd like to try anal sex, either giving or receiving, look into enemas and safe materials and designs in sex toys for anal play. Passion is an excellent motivator for expanding sexual horizons, but keeping health, safety and happiness in mind while playing ensures that your journey is a satisfying one for both you and your partner.

Shop together.

Looking for adult toys together, particularly online, allows you to imagine possibilities from the comfort of your home. Tease one another by explaining how you'd use a certain toy, or point out one you'd like to try yourself and ask your lover if they'd be willing to use it on you.


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